Program Details

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    Fast track your career with greater situational awareness, legal understanding, and advanced professional training. 

    Juris Master Degree Program: Advance your Career

    • For professionals who interact with lawyers and legal issues regularly
    • Remote course options that serve working professionals
    • Complete the degree in 1 year of full-time study or 2 years of part time study
    • Full access to law school resources, including library and advising services

    Core Curriculum

    The Juris Master Degree Program requires all students to complete 15 credits of required core curriculum before moving in to course work for their selected concentration elective.

    Introduction to U.S. Law for Juris Master Students

    3 Credits

    This course is designed to provide JM students with an overview of United States law. The coursework will cover general areas of law, including regulatory and business law, as well as contracts, property and tort law, and their applicability in public institutions and business settings. This course will not provide an exhaustive survey of each topic, but rather provide exposure to a large amount of foundational information in a short period of time.

    Legal Research & Writing for Juris Master Students

    2 Credits

    This course is designed to introduce JM students to legal research methods, knowledge of general legal concepts, and the art of reading and interpreting legal writing.  Students will learn the research, analysis and writing process through an assigned series of open and closed memoranda.  

    Economics for Lawyers

    2 Credits

    Economics for Lawyers (formerly Economic Foundations of Legal Studies) exposes students to a broad survey of economic, statistical, finance and accounting concepts as they play a crucial role in determining the outcome of legal disputes. Students will not become expert in these technical areas but will be exposed to both the mechanics and subtleties of these tools. The goal is to educate and train students so that they will be better prepared to understand a dispute, craft an argument, or prepare a witness.

    Contracts for Juris Master Students

    4 Credits

    This course will provide JM students with an introduction to the principles of contract law, including the consideration doctrine, offer and acceptance, promissory estoppel, and the regulation of the bargaining process; as well as the relationship of contract law in government and business organizations. The course will also provide an overview of contractual interpretation, and basic knowledge regarding excuse and remedies.  

    Capstone 1

    2 Credits

    This course is designed to provide JM students with an avenue to draw upon the legal knowledge they have received, and to further develop the problem-solving orientation and skills to interact with attorneys, recognize legal issues and flag applicable law.  As a “capstone,” students will select their own topic within their field of employment and pursue material directly related to their profession on which they will write a thesis under faculty supervision.

    Capstone 2

    2 Credits

    This course is an extension of Capstone I. Students will research and draft their theses under the guidance of a faculty member.

    Sample Schedule

    Semester 1 Introduction to US Law for JM Students
    Economics for Lawyers
    Legal Research & Writing for JM Students
    7 credits total
    Semester 2 Contracts for JM Students
    Elective Concentration Course
    Capstone I
    2 or 3
    8 to 9 credits total
    Semester 3 Elective Concentration Courses
    6 to 8
    6 to 8 credits total
    Semester 4 Elective Concentration Courses
    Capstone II
    5 to 7
    7 to 9 credits total

    Learn more about the Juris Master Degree Program